Tungsten Carbide Alloy Tungsten Ball

  Material Tungsten carbide
  Specification φ(1-100)*L(50-300)mm
special shape according to customer drawing
  Grade&Density YG3  15.0g/cm3
YG6  14.9g/cm3
YG8  14.6g/cm3
YW1  13g/cm3
YW3  12.9g/cm3
YW4  12.3g/cm3
YT05  12.6g/cm3
YT15  11.3g/cm3
  Surface Machined


Electronic industry, Motor rotor, LED lead frame, Rock cutting tools, Mining tools, Drilling tools, Measuring tools, Wear-resistant parts, Metal mills, Cylinder linings etc.

Brand Density g/cm Bending strength n/mm Hardness(HRA) Recommended use
YF10 14.80—15.10 ≥1880 ≥92.5 It is suitable for semi finishing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and low alloy steel and processing of new materials in graphite brake pads.
YF10.1 14.80—15.15 ≥1950 ≥92.0 With high hardness and wear resistance, it is suitable for high-speed wire drawing dies, cutting tools, bars, wear-resistant parts, etc.
YF10.2 14.30—14.65 ≥2430 ≥91.8 It has high comprehensive performance and is widely used as cutting tools in electronic, metal, woodworking, bamboo and other industries. It can also be used in the field of high-performance wear-resistant parts.
YF10.3 14.80—15.05 ≥2200 ≥91.8 With high hardness and strength, it is suitable for processing bamboo and wood cutters in fiberboard and other industries
YL80 13.75—14.05 ≥3200 ≥89.5 With high hardness and toughness, it is suitable for the production of electronic industry and stamping die plates. It can also be used for strong beam die in cold heading industry.
YL80.1 14.70—14.90 ≥2320 ≥90.5 It has high wear resistance and is used for powder metallurgy molds, wear parts, sealing rings, etc.
YL80.2 14.00—14.20 ≥2800 ≥87.5 It is suitable for making stamping dies for small and medium-sized watch parts, musical instrument spring pieces, strong beam dies in cold heading industry, roll materials, and trigger shears for cutting silicon steel.
YL80.3 13.50—13.80 ≥2640 ≥85.0 It is suitable for producing plates for stamping dies under large stress.
YL90 13.50—13.70 ≥2500 ≥83.0 With high strength and fatigue toughness, it is suitable for making large-scale necking die, six piece die and nut die.
YL90.1 13.90—14.10 ≥2340 ≥84.5 With high wear resistance and toughness, it is suitable for making general impact resistant forging dies, cold stamping dies and nut dies.
YL90.2 13.70—13.90 ≥2400 ≥83.5 It is suitable for the nuts on the necking die and nut die of medium-sized bolts.
YL90.4 13.20—13.40 ≥2600 ≥82.0 With high strength and fatigue toughness, it is used for cold pier, cold punching and cold pressing molds with large impact force, such as nut mold lower nut, all tungsten one punch, etc.
YL90.5 13.00—13.20 ≥2760 ≥81.8 It has good impact resistance and fatigue toughness, and is used for cold stamping dies under the condition of large working load and significant stress.
YL 90L 13.20—13.40 ≥2450 ≥82.0 Used for general cold punching screw dies and cutting scissors.
YL100 13.45—13.60 ≥3050 ≥84.5 Used for countersunk head, horn head, triangular mold, main mold, etc

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