Titanium Machined Parts

  Material Pure titanium & Titanium alloy
  Specification Ring/Circle:
Disc : Ф(50-2000)*L≤600mm
Screw: M(2-64)* L(5-110)mm or Drawing
Titanium Flange:
As customer’s requirement
Other special parts :
Customized orders accepted
  Density 4.51g/cm3
  Surface Bright ,Pickled surface
  Grade Pure Ti: Gr1 ,Gr2 ,Gr3 ,Gr4
Ti alloy: Gr5 ,Gr7 ,Gr9 ,Gr11 ,Gr12,Gr23,etc.
  Standard ASTM B381,ASTM B338,ASTM F67,
ASTM F136, GB/T 26058-2010,GB/T 26057-2010,GB/T5783


Electroplating equipment, heat exchange equipment, auto parts, chemical industry, aerospace, ocean engineering, medical implants, filling materials, handicraft manufacturing, etc.


High melting point, high strength and low density

High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

Strong acid and alkali resistance

Low thermal conductivity

Good stability

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