Titanium Wire

  Material Pure titanium & Titanium alloy
  Specification Dia(0.1~0.7)mm
  State (M) (Y or R)
  Density 4.51g/cm3
  Purity 99.6%
  Grade GR1 , GR1EL1 , GR2 , GR2EL1 , GR3, GR3EL1 , GR12, GR5  GR5EL1,etc


Military industry, medical, electrical,filling materials etc.for equipment welding, titanium wire for jewelry such as glasses, such as titanium alloy eyeglass frame, for hanging tools Structure wire, can also be used as woven titanium mesh, and titanium wire made of titanium powder for 3D printer; as The elastic wire can be used as a spring for automobile and motorcycle shock absorbing devices or other spring devices, and has the advantages of light weight and high strength.


1、High melting point, high strength and low density

2、High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

3、Strong acid and alkali resistance

4、Low thermal conductivity

5、Good stability

Chemical Composition:
Element Composition A, %   (mass/mass)
Grade 1 UNS R50250 Grade 2 UNS R50400 Grade 3 UNS R50550 Grade 4 UNS R50700
Nitrogen, max 0.03 0.03 0.05 0.05
Carbon, max 0.08 0.08 0.08 0.08
Hydrogen, max 0.015 0.015 0.015 0.015
Iron, max 0.20 0.30 0.30 0.50
Oxygen, max 0.18 0.25 0.35 0.40
Titanium balance balance balance balance

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