Tungsten Electrode

material: Pure tungsten or Tungsten alloy
Specification: Ф(0.5-25)x150/175/178mm
Common size: Ф1.0/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.2/4.0/4.8/6.4*L150/175mm
Customized size: As customer’s drawing
Grade: WT10 WT20 WT30 WT40 WC20 WL10 WL20 WZ3 WZ8 WP WY20 WX


Pure tungsten electrode is most widely used in AC welding; When pure tungsten electrode is heated, the welding ball becomes sharp to provide a balanced waveform AC welding, and the arc is stable; Pure tungsten electrode also provides good arc stability for sine wave AC welding of aluminum and magnesium.

Production Process: Mixing, pressing, sintering, forging, cutting and polishing
Product Parameter:
type brand Color code Chemical composition(%) size (mm) surface features
Rare earth impurity W
Puretungsten HW11 green ≤0.05 0.8~15 D,E G,S Pure tungsten electrode is only used as welding electrode under AC condition or as resistance welding electrode.
Thorium tungsten HWTh10 yellow 0.9~1.1ThO2 ≤0.05 margin 0.8~15 D,E G,S Thorium tungsten electrode is the tungsten electrode with the best welding performance so far, and it occupies the highest market share in the world. However, because thorium tungsten electrode
HWTh20 red 1.8~2.2ThO2 ≤0.05 margin 0.8~15
Lanthanated tungsten HWLa10 black 0.8~1.2La2O3 ≤0.05 margin 0.8~15 D,E G,S Non-radioactive, excellent electrical conductivity and welding ability, high current carrying capacity, lowest burn area ratio, replacing thorium tungsten electrode, mainly used for DC welding.

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