India customer follow-up case

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Harper Peng – sharing cooperation with Indian customer who purchased our niobium rod and plate.

We received this customer’s inquiry on 2th, December 2020 in Google platform. On his signature showed the company name and phone number. Based on this information, we inferred that this customer was real and end one.

1.Investigation background

First, I searched the customer’s company and personal information in Google facebook, LinkedIn ,;they are one of the manufacturers in India making rocket, propeller and nozzles which do business in aerospace.

Our COMBAT can supply titanium, niobium metal (rod, tubing, plate) for them.

2.Quick response to customer and quote

In the customer’s email sending inquiry in details, then after investigation, we make quotation including freight within 1 hour.

3.Authoritative Certificate

Because of top quality needed in aerospace industry, our customer requested us to send certificate and chemical composition, mechanical and physical performance inspect. We COMBAT factory We will inspect raw materials, intermediate products and finished products by physical, chemical and mechanical performance testing to ensure the quality of the outgoing products. .Our company has precise inspection equipment like Metallo scope,Ultrasonic flaw detection, horizontal tension machine,etc.

4.Invite customer to China

When we went ahead this business, we set good business relationship with this customer. Because we Luoyang city in China has many places of interest, such as Longmen Grottes, Peony flowers. So we invited Mr. Saggar to visit China in April, 2021. After we consulted with each other in COMBAT office, the customer ordered 10000 dollars finally. Below is our photo:

We COMBAT cooperate with many international hotels in Luoyang city which are comfortable and economical.

Above all, we COMBAT , as the raw material supplier, we can control the quality and price from the original step, which save much cost and guarantee the product quality for customers.

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