After-sales for Molybdenum Mandrels

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1.(Customer reference):

We have good cooperation with this customer from USA in Molybdenum Mandrels for 8 years.

2.This customer complained that one lot of the Molybdenum Mandrels Were broken when penetrating only 1000kg pipe.


3.Our company attached great importance to it. After analyzing the pictures and videos, we decided to send technicians to the site for fruther analysis. The following are the tracking results of the site analysis:

Product specification : dia53*145mm

batch number :1817

(new batch our technicians brought for test with good quality)

The surface color was normal and the Mandrel was not hard and easy to maching When Lathe workers working on them.

The whole process is from 10 a.m. to 02:30p.m. total 4.5 hours. Molybdenum Mandrel was grounded once during this time,penetrate 347 pieces of material, each weighing about 30 kilograms,total of 11200 kilograms.Because they’re all 6 Thin-walled tube billet of OD65*4.8mm size, Molybdenum Mandrel diameter can’t meet the requirement,so we changed it. The whole shape of the orginal Molybdenum Mandrel is worn normally, without shrinkage, crack and wrinkle, and can be used again(penetrate tubes with more thickness),the Molybdenum Mandrel quality is good.

Product specification : dia53*145mm

batch number :1802 (which customer complained quality issue)

On the same piercing machine,also watched the scene of specification as Dia53*145 Molybdenum Mandrel, for this batch.It took about 1 hour for the Molybdenum Mandrel to wear 956 kg of material,when the top of the Mandrel was replaced,it was already shrinking and broken,can not be used again,it shows this Mandrel can’t bear the higher tons.

4.How to deal with it

We immediately replaced the products for the customer, further analyzed the defective products and made timely adjustments. Since then of 2018, the customer has good feedback for using our molybdenum mandrels!

molybdenum mandrels as using pictures:

This is the site usage of Molybdenum Mandrel:

After the lathe is finished, we begin to use:

Molybdenum Mandrel shape unchanged after 1.5 hours:

(No deformation of the Molybdenum Mandrel after penetration of 4 packs)

polished Molybdenum Mandrel

The shape of the Molybdenum Mandrel after penetrating about 10 tons:

The shape of the Molybdenum Mandrel when it ready to be changed :

(Just a little smaller, no deformation, and can be used normally

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