After-sales for Molybdenum Tube

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1.Customer reference:

South Korea customer, it’s first time using molybdenum tube one end closed

2.Quality issue: end broken problem


3.Feedback according to customer report:

1) From the picture, the end of molybdenum tube shows in blue, it indicates that the molybdenum tube has been oxidized, and the molybdenum tube is easy to break after oxidation.So have you done something wrong to make the tube oxidized?

2)The molybdenum tube is sintered at 1800 ℃, so the service temperature cannot exceed this temperature. And if the temperature is below this, it shouldn’t have problem. Is the temperature or working method wrongly causing this?

3) The same batch of molybdenum tube is processed in the same environment, even if there is a problem , it will be the same batch of molybdenum tube problems, not a single problem. It means the tube we supplied to you with different sizes are the same working method, if just one size problem, is this size working wrongly?

4) Before the molybdenum tubes come out from the warehouse, the air tightness test was done one by one, keeping the 60s airtight under the pressure of 0.3mpa. Before shipment, the quality inspection was conducted one by one, and there was no quality problem

Our suggestion:

Pls check your working method and environment.

4.Customer further checking, it’s the woking temperature problem. They adjusted it and it’s all worked.

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