Follow-up case for Tungsten Alloy

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1.Customer reference:

New Customer from Turkey,no purchasing experience

2.Customer requriement:

We want to get W-Ni-Fe alloy rods for special diamond tools shank.

Ø12.50mm(±0.2) dia. L:87mm(±2) 50.pcs

Would you please sent us your offer for this rods


Shall we learn your required grade or hardness or density ?

The following is the perporty for different class. Pls check which do you prefer:

4.Customer reference

A: %92.5 is good for us. Pls send price.

B: How can we trust your products quality?

Can you get some discount?


A:As raw material supplier, we can control the price and quality from the original step. For new customer, we always give best price to open the door for our cooperation, so pls feel assure about our quality and price.

B: We have strict quality control for each step, pls refer to our attached test process & equipments and certficates for raw materail and final 92.5% tungsten alloy rod.

C: Tungsten alloy is our main products, our sales volumn for this item is about 200million USD per year. Customs all have good feedback.

6.customer arrange payment

Thank you, please send Proforma for arranging Money transfer to your bank acc.

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