Material Pure tungsten
  Specification OD(6.0~200)×ID(3.0~180)×L(50~1000)mm
  Density 19.2g/cm3
  Purity 99.95%
  Surface Black, ground
  Grade W-1


Ion implantation parts, electric light source parts,electric vacuum components, heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces,glass and glass fiber industry, electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry etc.

Properties of tungsten tubes:

Tungsten tube is one of the products of tungsten deep processing, it also has excellent tungsten properties.

Tungsten tubes can also be further machined to produce rings, washers, sleeves and jackets. Materials include most metals, including rare earth metals and other advanced materials. Tungsten tubes can also be made with custom materials and alloys that can be used for commercial and research applications as well as new proprietary technologies. Other shapes available include strip or plate shapes, as well as custom molded shapes and by other methods (such as nanoparticles and solutions). It is also produced in the form of rods, pellets, powders, tablets, pellets, ingots, filaments, and compounds such as oxides. Such as oxide.

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