• What Is The Normal Use Environment Of Pure Tungsten Products? How Many Degrees Of High Temperature Can Tungsten Withstand?

    Normally, pure tungsten products can be used in the high temperature vacuum environment, so that they can exert their superior high temperature performance. If it is used in air condition under the high temperature of over 400 degrees, tungsten will react with oxygen and produce WO2. Because the melting point of tungsten is 3410 degrees, it can withstand up to 3300 degrees. But its normal working temperature is 1800~2600 degrees.

  • What Kind Of Molybdenum Wire Can You Provide?

    For pure molybdenum wires, we can supply Mo-1 black and white molybdenum wire(which is processed by electronic-polishing, chemical process or annealed) , specification ranges from 0.03mm-5mm, and the purity and density can reach to 99.95% and 10.2g/cm3.

  • What Kind Of Molybdenum Rod Can You Provide?

    We can produce 99.95% purity molybdenum rods with a diameter of 0.8-120mm, and the length can be produced according to your needs. In addition, we can provide black surface, alkali cleaning white surface, bright surface (machined, polished , ground).

  • Regarding High Temperature Resistance Performance, What Is The Difference Between Pure Molybdenum, Mola & Tzm?

    In the vaccum working environment, pure molybdenum can withstand the high temperature of up to 1800degrees. But its normal use temperature is 1100~1700 degrees.
    MoLa and TZM both can withstand the high temperature of 1800~2100 degrees.
    Besides, Compared to pure molybdenum and MoLa, TZM has higher strength & excellent wear resistance in the high temperature environment because of the addition of titanium and zirconium.
    So you can choose the suitable material according to your usage.

  • What’s The Common Grade Of Titanium Products?

    We supply different grades of titanium and titanium-alloy products and our factory can produce wire/bar/plate/other shape products for your reference .Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr4 are pure titanium. The common titanium alloy grades’ are Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12 and Gr23.

  • For Titanium Wire, Which Grade Do You Recommand As Welding?

    Basing on your application, we usually supply Gr1, Gr2, Gr5 as welding. And we usually use the same Grade to welding the same material. It means Gr1 is better for welding Gr1.

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