• What Is The Size Of Your Tungsten Products?

    For tungsten wire, the diameter is from 0.008mm~3.2mm.
    For tungsten rod, the diameter is from 2mm~100mm, length is from 50mm~2000mm.
    For tungsten sheet, the thickness is from 0.025mm~2mm, the width is from 50mm~500mm, the max length is1000mm.
    For tungsten plate, the thickness is from 2.1~25mm, the width is from 30mm~600mm, the max length is 1000mm.
    For tungsten boat, the thickness is from 0.2mm~0.5mm, the width is from 5mm~25mm, the max length is 1000mm.
    For tungsten tube, the diameter is from 25mm~340mm, the max length is 650mm.
    For tungsten crucible,the diameter is from 10mm~500mm, the height is from 10mm~750mm, the thickness is from 2mm~20mm.

  • What Is The Normal Use Environment Of Pure Tungsten Products? How Many Degrees Of High Temperature Can Tungsten Withstand?

    Normally, pure tungsten products can be used in the high temperature vacuum environment, so that they can exert their superior high temperature performance. If it is used in air condition under the high temperature of over 400 degrees, tungsten will react with oxygen and produce WO2. Because the melting point of tungsten is 3410 degrees, it can withstand up to 3300 degrees. But its normal working temperature is 1800~2600 degrees.

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