• What Is The Shipping Cost?

    The shipping cost is determined by the destination port, weight, packing size, total CBM of the products, we will try best to get the most reasonable shipping cost from the forwarders or express couriers to help you save more money.

  • What Is The Transportation Way?

    If the Gross Weight ≤45kg, it’s better by express such as TNT, DHL, FedEx,, etc.
    If the Gross Weight between 45kg to 100kg, by express or by air to your nearest airport can be both considered.
    If the Gross Weight ≥ 100kg ,you can choose by Air or Sea to the nearest port.
    Door to door express includes customs clearance and delivery-to-door services, while air transportation requires the consignee to pick up the goods at the airport warehouse, excluding customs clearance and delivery-to-door services. (Both express and air freight do not include customs duties of the destination country)
    Compared with door-to-door express delivery, air transportation has no customs clearance and delivery-to-door service, so the price will be relatively favorable. Door to door express is more convenient because it includes customs clearance and delivery-to-door service.

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