What Is The Size Of Your Tungsten Products?

For tungsten wire, the diameter is from 0.008mm~3.2mm.

For tungsten rod, the diameter is from 2mm~100mm, length is from 50mm~2000mm.

For tungsten sheet, the thickness is from 0.025mm~2mm, the width is from 50mm~500mm, the max length is1000mm.

For tungsten plate, the thickness is from 2.1~25mm, the width is from 30mm~600mm, the max length is 1000mm.

For tungsten boat, the thickness is from 0.2mm~0.5mm, the width is from 5mm~25mm, the max length is 1000mm.

For tungsten tube, the diameter is from 25mm~340mm, the max length is 650mm.

For tungsten crucible,the diameter is from 10mm~500mm, the height is from 10mm~750mm, the thickness is from 2mm~20mm.

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