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Domestic tungsten prices are generally stable, moderately and slightly upward. The increase in the single price of some large enterprises has given a certain boost to market confidence. However, the actual breakthrough in the trading market still lacks demand motivation. Market participants have a strong wait-and-see attitude and focus on the industry. Chain supply and demand game and other directional news guidance.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the influence of environmental inspections and merchants’ reluctance to sell, low spot resources decreased, and merchants’ desire to increase sentiment increased. However, the downstream feedback was poor and the market fundamentals remained deadlocked. The price of high-grade tungsten concentrates was 96,000 yuan/ton. Probation, the actual transaction is to be followed up.

In the APT market, the negative decline in the early stage consumes part of the low-level resources, and manufacturers have increased their reluctance to sell. However, the performance of large enterprises and long-term orders is still relatively conservative, and the market continues to lack momentum. The APT spot price is around 144,000 yuan/ton, and high-level transactions are difficult to release. , Smelters are concerned about the pressure of production upside down.

In the tungsten powder market, the factory load is acceptable, and the actual new orders are still suppressed by downstream sentiment. Buyers are more cautious in receiving goods. The overall market is still negotiating. The price of tungsten powder is consolidating around 220 yuan/kg.

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