The weak tungsten price stabilizes to wait and see the epidemic situation

November 12 , 2022    view:157

This week, the tungsten price showed a weak and stable market, and the industry anxiety in the week mainly came from the repeated epidemic in Henan, Hunan, Guangdong and other places, resulting in increased pressure on the production and operation of cemented carbide enterprises, and the passive market spot trading atmosphere was further weakened. However, since September, the negative market continues to squeeze the profit space of tungsten primary products, the raw material market profit intention gradually weakened, the market seeks to bottom the opportunity, short-term good news is limited, tungsten market is still weak lingering.

News shows that the acceptance price of Xianglu Tungsten Industry in the first half of November 2022, long tax inclusive (13% VAT) is: 55% above wolverine concentrate 106,500 yuan/metric ton; More than 55% scheelite concentrate 105,500 yuan/standard ton; Ammonium paratungstate 164,500 yuan/ton. (No quotation to Foreign Ministers’ Association due to maintenance in October)

In the tungsten concentrate market, the buyers and sellers are in a stalemate game state, and there are differences in the market price intention. Therefore, the liquidity of spot resources is limited, and the high grade offer is firm at about 109,000 yuan/ton, and the transaction is difficult to increase.

In APT market, downstream customers have limited initiative in purchasing, and spot negotiations continue to be based on demand, with the weak market stabilizing and settling, and the short-term deadlock is around 165,000 yuan/ton long order level of large enterprises.

In the tungsten powder market, due to the impact of external environmental risks such as economy and trade, geography and the epidemic, the market demand side and the capital side are under relative pressure, and the downstream end users use and purchase with caution. The overall trading atmosphere is not active, and the focus of market negotiation is around 253 yuan/kg.

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