Combat sales have grown steadily over the years

November 18 , 2022    view:146

The overall operating situation of our company is stable, the operating performance is stable and has made progress, basically in line with expectations, and all the work has made effective progress. Since this year, the company has earnestly implemented the spirit of the work meeting, accelerated the promotion of all the work, and presented many new highlights and new achievements. Sales increased steadily, production continued to advance, the overall development in line with expectations. All departments cooperated to achieve the business objectives. In order to sum up the experience, find out the shortcomings, ensure the smooth conclusion of this year’s work, and lay the foundation for the next year’s work to achieve a good start.

Yatian Factory after a year of construction, this September has successfully passed the completion of acceptance.

The production line of molybdenum products in the workshop has been debugged, trial production has started in September, and the equipment of alloy production line has been installed. The furniture, computer, printer, network, water heater and so on in the office building have all been installed and have office and accommodation conditions.

In the fourth quarter, the molybdenum product line is scheduled to reach mass production and the alloy line is scheduled to enter the trial production stage. And improve the employment, assessment, management and other rules and regulations, so that Yatian gradually achieve standardized management.

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