Telecom anti fraud propaganda lecture

July 25 , 2022    view:162

On July 20, the police of Luoyang detention center came to our company to hold a lecture on “telecommunications anti fraud publicity”, in order to further improve the ability of the company’s employees to identify various fraud means and create a good atmosphere for the whole people to prevent telecommunications fraud.

In the lecture, the police explained typical cases and analyzed the characteristics, types, harmfulness and common sense of prevention of current telecom network fraud in simple terms. Educate and guide enterprise employees to establish a correct outlook on money, not greedy for small profits, not credulous of others’ lies, and not have a sense of luck. Strive to “listen, don’t believe, and don’t transfer money”. In daily life, pay attention to protecting personal data and information, and don’t register at will, fill in personal information such as your identity card information, mobile phone number, bank card number, etc. At the same time, the police promoted the installation of the “national anti bombing center” app for enterprise employees.

Finally, the police called on enterprise employees to actively publicize to their relatives and friends around them while doing a good job in their own prevention, so as to enhance the prevention awareness of the “circle of relatives and friends” and “circle of friends”.

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