Chairman Ding of China Tungsten Association visited combat

July 28 , 2022    view:137

On July 23, 2022, Ding Xuequan, President of China Tungsten Industry Association, and his delegation visited combat company. Xujianmin, general manager of combat company, Zhang erzhao, director of Technology Department, and Li Mengyi, director of planning department, received warmly. General manager xujianmin extended a warm welcome to Chairman Ding Xuequan and his delegation, and briefly introduced the development of tungsten and molybdenum industry in Luoyang.

Chairman Ding said that the business model and innovation of kangbote tungsten molybdenum materials Co., Ltd. have promoted the development of the whole tungsten molybdenum industry and are of great significance to promote the development of the tungsten molybdenum industry.

Combat has played an important role in the development of non-ferrous metal industry and China Tungsten Industry Association. With the rapid development of China’s tungsten and molybdenum industry, it is hoped that combat can promote China’s tungsten and molybdenum industry to the world, and then bring back the available resources. The bigger and the better on the basis of win-win cooperation.

During this period, technical director Zhang erzhao suggested that Luoyang is relatively weak in the basic theory and basis of tungsten and molybdenum industry, and the association needs to organize more industries to meet and have in-depth exchanges to a deeper level of industry technology. Chairman Ding said that China Tungsten association can provide support in this regard and help enterprises develop.

Chairman Ding hopes that combat can join the China Tungsten Industry Association as soon as possible, strengthen innovation, build independent product brands, constantly meet the needs of the tungsten industry, and make more contributions to the high-quality development of the tungsten industry. Chairman Ding encouraged combat company to adhere to the “tungsten industry serves the country, industrial power”, continue to publicize, increase influence, and strive to catch up with and surpass the international advanced level.

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