Groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory

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On March 12, 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony of our company’s new plant was officially held in the National Tungsten and Molybdenum Industrial Park in Luoxin Industrial Cluster. Company general manager Mr. Xu Jianmin, Huaster Alloy General Manager Mr. Wen Haoyue, representatives of the construction party and company employees attended the ceremony.

Mr. Xu Jianmin, the chairman of the company, delivered a speech, expressing sincere thanks to all the leaders and guests for participating in the groundbreaking ceremony during their busy schedule! The foundation of the new plant will surely become a milestone in the company’s development. The new plant is located in the National Tungsten and Molybdenum Industrial Park in Luoxin Industrial Cluster, with a total investment of 20 million yuan and a total area of ​​13.7 acres.

Mr. Wen Haoyue, general manager of Huaster Alloys, delivered a speech, congratulating the holding of the groundbreaking ceremony, expressing his full support and cooperate with the construction of the project, and wish the project to be put into operation and benefit early.

The factory has started construction on March 12, and the design and bidding preparations have been done in the early stage. The successful groundbreaking ceremony of the project marks a critical step in the construction of the project. The next step is to start various qualification procedures and speed up Construction Schedule. It is planned that the plant will be basically completed in July, and the equipment will be equipped to enter the factory. Strive for a successful test run and put into production in the second half of the year, and smooth production in the third quarter.

The completion and operation of the factory means that our own leading products are available, and the hardware will be greatly improved. It will create conditions for employees to receive training, lay a good foundation for business development, and promote the company’s market development to a new level.

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