Material TZM: titanium-zirconium-molybdenum
  Specification Wire, sheet, rod, plate and special shape products can supplied according to customers’ request.
  Density 10.2g/cm3
  Surface Black, machined


Aerospace, aviation and other industries. It could be used as nozzle material, valve body, gas piping materials, etc.

TZM stands for titanium-zirconium-molybdenum. TZM alloy, molybdenum zirconium titanium alloy, is a popular molybdenum based alloy, which contains ± 0.08% zirconium, ± 0.5% titanium, ± 0.03% carbon, the rest is molybdenum. By combining a small amount of Ti and Zi, TZM alloys can obtain higher recrystallization temperature and thus have higher strength at high temperatures.

The characteristics of:

1.High melting point, high density, high strength and high hardness

2.High tensile strength, high recrystallization temperature

3.Good machinability and weldability

4.Corrosion resistance and creep resistance

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