Long-term partnership with Europe customer

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Customer background :

Hundred-old enterprise in Europe.specialized in manufacturing Tungsten & Tungsten alloy products,

Customer needs:

Tungsten cooper alloy ; Tungsten heavy alloy;Tungsten sintered bar; Pure Tungsten & Molybdenum products

Beginning of our Cooperation:

In October ,2018, i receive the the first inquiry from this customer through Ge-ogle platform, Requiring Tungsten heavy alloy W90NiFe rod, and the Total amount of first order is US$947, it was a great start for both of us , We have a very good communication later , and i introduce all of our main products to the customer, and He just needs our products, too, so the cooperation continues, In the following year 2019. the customer purchase a large number of Tungsten copper disk and other tungsten products from our company , also we developed a new product Tungsten sintered bar products .

Form 2019 to now, Our company has become the high quality and reliable supplier for this customer, and annual demands increases by 20% year by year , i believe we will have deeper cooperation in the future and achieve a win-win for each other.

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