Weekly Review of Tungsten Market (202302.06-02.10)

February 11 , 2023    view:151

This week, the tungsten market entered the consolidation stage after the rise. Due to the tight supply of raw materials after the Spring Festival, the market price continued to rise. However, with the Lantern Festival, most suppliers started work and Stockholders were cautious about the market expectations.

In terms of price adjustment, although the price of tungsten ore market has not been adjusted, but the market confidence price is high and falling, the price of 55 degree woltungsten wool sand is high to 1.7 yuan/kg degree above and then back to 1.68-1.69 yuan/kg degree, including tax price is about 11.9-120,000 yuan/metric ton; The output of APT producers gradually stabilized, and there was an offer of 185,000 / ton at the stage of surge after the holiday, but the price also retreated slightly along with the mine price after the market volume increased at 183,000 / ton, and the price basically returned to 181-182,000 / ton at the weekend, down 0.05-0.1 thousand/ton compared with the weekend. Downstream powder market quotation this week is also in accordance with APT advance quotation, part of the particle tungsten carbide quote reached 275 yuan/kg or so, but the back-end alloy orders are weak, short term stock again light; Cobalt powder market continues to be depressed, the market price fell rapidly, last weekend also maintained at 285 yuan/kg, this weekend signed the price has been reduced to 260 yuan/kg, down nearly 10%; Grinding material market high in 2.1 yuan/kg degree above volume transaction, after a stalemate, some waste alloy prices slightly back.

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