Warmly welcome the leaders of Guangzhou Huasite Alloy Products Co., Ltd. to visit Combat

June 04 , 2021    view:230

On March 12th, General Manager Wen of Guangzhou Huasite Alloy Products Co., Ltd. visited Combat and was warmly received by General Manager Xu Jianmin and Technical Director Zhang.

The company warmly welcomes the arrival of the leaders of Huaster. First of all, Xu Zhen, the head of foreign trade, will introduce the overall situation, operating status, and development plan of Compote to the leaders in detail, focusing on displaying superior products, domestic and foreign customers and suppliers, etc. . At the same time, Manager Wen also briefly introduced its company’s foreign trade business and development direction. Finally, Mr. Xu also said that as a leading company in the tungsten and molybdenum industry, there are a lot of things for Combat learn from, and he hopes that as the subsequent cooperation between the two parties deepens, Combat’s employees will also have more to teach China. Special opportunities for communication and learning.

Through this inspection, I believe that Combat will also leave a deep impression on the leaders of Guangzhou Huaster. Luoyang Combat has always adhered to the best quality and best service as its corporate tenet, and strives to achieve “lean quality, reasonable prices, and timely delivery”. Based on the marketing concept of equality, mutual benefit and the pursuit of a win-win situation, our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad to seek common development! At the same time, we warmly welcome all buyers to visit the company.

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