Warmly welcome leaders from Antai Tianlong to our company for guidance and exchange

October 28 , 2023    view:147
On the morning of October 19, 2023, leaders from Antai Tianlong visited our company to guide and exchange relevant work. Xu Jianmin, General Manager of Luoyang Kangbote, Ning Hui, Domestic Trade Manager, Zhang Taiyang, Financial Director, and Li Mengyi, Manager of Enterprise Management Department, warmly received visiting leaders. Firstly, Li Mengyi, Manager of the Enterprise Management Department, gave a detailed introduction to our company’s product system, marketing overview, business team, talent cultivation, and enterprise development planning. Leaders discussed and exchanged ideas on relevant topics. Subsequently, the leader of Antai Tianlong stated that this trip aims to increase cooperation in molybdenum related products and expand cooperation results. Through discussions on relevant issues and the finalization of solutions, both parties have ultimately confirmed their cooperation intention.    

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