Tungsten powder: Cost support quotation increase

December 17 , 2022    view:122

Tungsten and molybdenum cloud merchant December 16, 2022 news:

Both tungsten concentrate and APT remain firm and low price is difficult to pick. The new round of APT bulk cargo bargaining price rises to 173,000 yuan/ton level, and the cash cost of tungsten carbide is estimated to be more than 255 yuan/kg according to this price. At present, the bargaining price of tungsten carbide is 256-259 yuan/kg, and the bargaining price of tungsten powder is 260-263 yuan/kg. The shrinkage is climbing and it is very passive. At the same time, cobalt powder trading price in 315-325 yuan/kg, no incremental orders, weak continuation.

In terms of downstream cemented carbide, although there are some additional stocks before the Spring Festival, most users have locked in most of the consumption, so it is difficult to expand the total purchase of tungsten carbide, which will drag down the overall market circulation.

In terms of downstream tungsten materials, due to the price increase of tungsten powder, tungsten materials are not sold at a low price, and the response is to test the price increase. Currently, the reference price of tungsten slab is 315-320 yuan/kg, the reference price of black rod tungsten electrode is 315-318 yuan/kg, and the reference price of high specific gravity alloy is 395-410 yuan/kg, and other tungsten products are raised simultaneously.

Today’s opinion: The price of tungsten powder is stable and rising, the total transaction volume remains moderate, the cost support is strong, users purchase on demand, short-term easy to rise but not fall.

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