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On November 11, the last control project of Lianyungang Huozhou ErGuang expressway connecting line (Xin’an Yichuan Expressway) invested and constructed by China Railway and Henan Communications Investment Co., Ltd. was the Longhai railway bridge, which took 90 minutes of intensive construction and successfully realized zero error swivel docking. So far, all the main lines of the new Iran expressway have been connected, laying a solid foundation for the completion and opening of the expressway at the end of this year.

The Longhai Railway Bridge on Xinyi expressway is located in the west of tiemen railway station, tiemen Town, Xin’an County, Luoyang City; The swivel bridge is a T-shaped bridge with a total length of 120 meters and a total weight of 15200 tons; The method of “cast-in-place parallel railway support first and then plane rotation” is adopted for the rotation. The anticlockwise rotation is 65.36 degrees and intersects with Longhai railway, with an intersection angle of 66.2 degrees; The swivel construction time is short and the span is large. For example, the pier column closest to the railway is only 9.5m away from the track, and the operation site is extremely narrow.

It is understood that before the bridge rotation, the construction party set up a special implementation team, organized and held technical disclosure meetings for many times, strictly carried out scheme review, demonstration and optimization, and controlled each procedure. The trial run test was conducted on August 9 to ensure safe and stable rotation and minimize the impact of construction on Longhai railway operation.

“The principle of the rotating beam is like a grinding plate. First, a turntable shall be installed on the pier, and the jack shall be used to pull the bridge to rotate according to the millimeter error standard. The bridge body built along the parallel direction of the railway shall be rotated and then connected with the approach bridge.” The person in charge of the site said that during the rotation, the on-site technicians arranged scales and numbers on the rotary table of the rotating beam, and installed speed sensors and cameras to monitor the rotation of the bridge body in real time. The rotating speed is effectively adjusted according to the actual situation on the site. The rotating bridge rotates slowly and synchronously at an average speed of 1.2 meters per minute, and rotates 65.36 degrees anticlockwise. Finally, the precise docking of the rotating bridge is realized. The swivel support is adopted in this swivel system to replace the traditional spherical hinge technology. Its biggest advantage is that it has many advantages such as small volume, large rigidity, high bearing capacity and small rotational torque. It can greatly reduce the transportation difficulty, speed up the construction progress, and effectively improve the construction quality and construction safety. At the same time, the smooth rotation of the bridge is ensured through various key processes such as weighing and counterweight before rotation, trial operation and formal rotation.

The total length of Xinyi expressway is 81.2464 kilometers. It starts from tiemen hub of Lianhuo Expressway in Xin’an County of Luoyang City in the north, passes through Yiyang, Yichuan and Ruyang counties in the southeast, and reaches the terminal of Baisha hub of ErGuang expressway. The total investment is 9.526 billion yuan.

Up to now, the accumulated investment of the project is 8.794 billion yuan. 100% of tunnel works, 99% of subgrade works, 99% of culvert works and 95% of bridge works have been completed. Pavement, electromechanical, housing construction, traffic safety and other projects are progressing in an orderly manner and are expected to be completed and opened to traffic by the end of this year.

Xinyi expressway will be an important part of the “second ring expressway” of Luoyang in the future. After completion and opening to traffic, it will be connected with four existing expressways, namely Lianhuo, Zhenglu, luoluan and Erguang, to form a more complete and efficient road network system in the southwest of Luoyang, adding strong traffic support for “building a strong sub center to form a growth pole”.

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