The installation and commissioning of the 4000 ton molybdenum powder production line for Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. Phase I project have been completed.

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Recently, the installation and commissioning of the 4000 ton molybdenum powder production line for Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. Phase I project have been completed, and trial production has begun.

Manganese dioxide is an intermediate product of manganese trioxide that undergoes a single reduction at a hydrogen temperature. This is our achievement. So this is the molybdenum powder produced under a new temperature reduction of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius. This is the final product, which will be used as the raw material for further processing in the future. Guo Guozhou introduced that the fifth factory building is the first phase of the company’s new material project, and the automated production equipment used is independently renovated and upgraded by the company. It is at an advanced level in the same industry in China and can achieve automatic feeding and feeding. The entire process is intelligent operation, and one person can operate four furnaces at the same time. Compared to traditional equipment where one person can only operate one furnace, the work efficiency has been greatly improved. Meanwhile, in the process of technological transformation and upgrading, the company has developed multiple new achievements, and the next step is to apply for national patents. It is understood that Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in August 2022 with a 60% investment from Luoyang Combat Tungsten Molybdenum Materials Co., Ltd. It is a new material production enterprise with molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, and tungsten molybdenum products as its main products. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of market share, the product supply of Luoyang Combat Tungsten Molybdenum Materials Co., Ltd. is in short supply. Thanks to various preferential policies for investment attraction in the city’s high-tech zone, Combat Company immediately joined forces with upstream and downstream enterprises to establish Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd.

As a production enterprise of new material products, we have successfully settled in the East Zone Science and Technology Park of the High tech Zone. Wang Lijuan, Minister of Enterprise Management Department of Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd., said that the combination of tungsten and molybdenum represents an industry, which is a refractory metal industry. It is a project encouraged by our country for development. In the national economy, it is now an irreplaceable basic material and combat readiness material for national defense, such as high-quality sapphire. The production uses this palm gold furnace, and this crucible is made of our molybdenum, commonly known as this steel vitamin. By adding our molybdenum to this steel to increase its hardness and luster, as well as the components of our electrical switches, such as many components used in aerospace, displays, solar panel coatings, and targets for radioactive medical equipment, The manufacturing of rock wool and glass used in building materials is very extensive. According to the design requirements, the new materials project of Combat Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 500 to 600 million yuan and a construction area of over 20000 square meters. The products involve high-quality sapphire long crystal furnaces and hot isostatic pressing medical equipment components, monocrystalline silicon furnace components, electronic semi conductor components, products for the rare earth and glass industries, sensitive forming and high-temperature processing materials for the coating industry, and high-temperature vacuum furnace equipment.

The person in charge of Combat Yangquan said that our expected output value is 200 million yuan. In the second phase, it will be constructed next year. After the construction is completed, we will form a 4000 ton molybdenum powder, with a total output value of 20 million yuan

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