Tang culture and aesthetics Museum first appeared in Luoyang

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If you ask about the rise and fall of ancient and modern times, please only look at Luoyang City. The Tang Dynasty is a prosperous age of poetry and architecture. Lingering in the Tang culture and aesthetics Museum, you can also taste the gluttonous taste of Tang style and elegance.

The Tang culture and aesthetics Museum draws on the shape and concept of the Ming hall. In order to echo the concept of ritual order space, it adopts the design technique of “four entry space” to depict the myriad atmosphere of the prosperous era of the Tang Dynasty. Create cultural works with ingenuity, pay tribute to the Oriental concierge ceremony, and plan the landscape red maple at the entrance to meet the owner’s sense of respect and ceremony.

The front space is matched with painted landscape walls and stone carvings in the Tang Dynasty to show the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. The hidden and luxurious elements of the Tang culture are combined with the elements of Chinese arch bridges to create the luxurious and elegant charm of the introduction etiquette of the Tang Dynasty.

Chinese culture has a long history. It is difficult to drink only one ladle. From the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties… To today, the shape of Chinese architecture continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, but the Chinese people’s pursuit of the great beauty of the East has never changed.

Designers pay attention to detail processing, and the use of cultural elements is very exquisite. We review the mainstream design elements of Tang culture, and excavate their cultural labels from hues, decorative patterns and various parts of plants.

Bring the traditional cultural characteristics into it and carry out the design with the concept of Datang culture, so that people can return to the brightest era through the project site and experience the dreamy Datang culture and the life scene of literati and refined scholars.

Extract the elements of “wood, jade, octagonal mirror” and apply them to the design, integrate the life scene of the Tang Dynasty into the landscape design, and grasp the romance and fireworks in the Tang culture. The landscape and pastoral life of literati and refined scholars in the prosperous Tang Dynasty was vividly displayed under the interpretation of the designer.

The charm of Tang style is its magnificent weather, full form, novel structure, gorgeous colors and hidden meaning. It depicts not only fixed people, objects and images, but also metaphors the Millennium art of life in ancient China: it can not only see the light of others, but also believe in its own strength.

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