Molybdenum tube appearance silver gray metallic luster
Molybdenum tube purity not less than 99.95%
Molybdenum tube density ≥18.3g/cm3
Supply state sintering state or drilling state
Executive standard GB/T 4187-1984 (tungsten rod) ASTM F288-90
Executive standard GB/T 4187-1984 (tungsten rod) ASTM F288-90
Size range Outer diameter Φ(1.0~50)mm× wall thickness (0.1~5)mm×(50~1000)mm


Tungsten tube is mainly used in high temperature furnace thermocouple protection tube, sapphire single crystal furnace, high temperature sintering furnace support parts.


It has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, high internal and external surface finish, good straightness, no deformation under high temperature strength, etc.

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