Process rolling, vacuum annealing
Surface polished surface, cold rolled surface, alkali wash surface
Characteristics High temperature and corrosion resistance
Characteristics High temperature and corrosion resistance
Molybdenum content 99.95%
Specifications Customizable


Molybdenum wafer chemical composition is stable, molybdenum content up to 99.9%, accurate size, low surface roughness, can reach Ra 1.6pum below; High melting point, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength, linear expansion coefficient and silicon close, good processing performance, is the silicon rectifier complete sets of equipment, semiconductor silicon devices, vacuum tube anode, instrument production indispensable substrate material.

Mode of production:

There are three main ways to produce round molybdenum wafer :(1) molybdenum rod wire cutting. The wire-cut production method of molybdenum rod has less geometric loss and higher yield, but the wire-cut efficiency is low. Meanwhile, the grain size of the edge and center of the round surface is easy to be uneven after being rounded, which is still in the experimental research stage. (2) Direct pressing and sintering of molybdenum powder. Molybdenum powder pressing and sintering method yield is higher than (1), but the density is low, the strength is poor, the grain structure is disordered arrangement, users found in use when it is laminated with silicon wafer is easy to crack or fracture, still need to be improved; (3) molybdenum plate punching.

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