Luoyang Kangbo special heavy cross ditch summer tour, leisurely tour, enjoy and return!

June 28 , 2022    view:155

In order to relieve the working pressure, create a passionate and happy working atmosphere, so that employees can better devote themselves to the following work, the company organized a group construction activity with the theme of “Zhongdugou Summer vacation, a leisurely trip”.

At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of June 25th, we gathered downstairs and rushed to Zhongdugou by bus. After arriving at the destination in the afternoon, our guide led us to climb the mountain. In the process of climbing, everyone competed and encouraged each other, showing a healthy, united and high spirit. In the evening, a party was held, and everyone gathered together to drink and enjoy the local cuisine. We carried on a variety of games, virtually increased the feelings between colleagues, improve everyone’s tacit understanding and unity. In the morning of June 26, we visited other parts of the scenic spot, and then we set foot on the journey back.

In addition to enriching members’ work and life, the group construction activity further strengthened team cohesion, enhanced communication and collaboration, and better served customers. At the same time, we deeply realize that a person’s strength is limited, the strength of a team is indestructible, the victory of the team needs the joint efforts of every one of us!

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