Korean customers visit and work together to create a new chapter of cooperation between molybdenum electrodes and molybdenum needles

December 21 , 2023    view:146

Our company has welcomed a visit from a Korean client, and this warm reception aims to deepen cooperation in the fields of molybdenum electrodes and molybdenum needles, and jointly open a new chapter of cooperation between both parties.

The Korean client and their team highly praised our company’s production process, product quality, and research and development capabilities, and expressed full trust in our professional level in molybdenum electrodes and needles. Both sides have conducted in-depth discussions on future technological exchanges, product innovation, and market expansion, and have reached positive cooperation intentions.

Kangbote’s professional team has always won unanimous praise from customers with excellent technical strength and service level. Through communication with Korean customers, we will better understand the demands of the international market, strengthen technological innovation, improve product quality, and provide higher quality products and services to global customers. Both sides reached a consensus in the negotiations and will work together to promote cooperation in the fields of molybdenum electrodes and molybdenum needles, deepen industrial chain cooperation, and inject new impetus into the common development of both sides.

The visit of this Korean client marks the continuous expansion of Kangbote’s influence in the international market, and also lays a solid foundation for promoting global cooperation in the molybdenum electrode and molybdenum needle industries. We look forward to working together with Korean clients in the future to create a better future for cooperation.

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