Kaiyuan Road Street, Luolong District, Luoyang held “Kaiyuan sophomore” building Chunhui afternoon tea

February 18 , 2022    view:174

On the afternoon of February 17, Kaiyuan Road Street held the “Kaiyuan sophomore” building Chunhui afternoon tea activity, inviting entrepreneurs and young talents to taste tea, drink coffee, spit out their hearts and talk about development. Wang Jinsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Luolong District Party committee and director of the office of Luolong District Party committee, relevant principals of Luolong District Development and Reform Commission, Statistics Bureau, science and Technology Bureau and Finance Bureau, Liu Yang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Kaiyuan Road sub district, and Wang wutao, director of the office attended the whole meeting.

At the meeting, participating entrepreneurs spoke freely and offered suggestions on building service improvement, enterprise development needs, construction of characteristic business buildings, employment land problems, planning and urban construction approval and other issues. The person in charge of Kaiyuan Office introduced the location advantages, industrial layout, economic indicators and future work ideas of Kaiyuan, promoted and informed the “Kaiyuan e-home” red building alliance, building digital management platform and building of characteristic buildings, and expressed his position to give full play to the role of “Kaiyuan Junior 2”, carry out in-depth “10000 people help 10000 enterprises” and do everything possible to solve practical difficulties for enterprises, Provide diversified services.

Wang Jinsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Luolong District Party committee and director of the district Party committee office, introduced the relevant industrial directions and preferential policies of the municipal Party committee and the district Party committee, and put forward specific requirements for the Bureau of the district Party committee and the street to solve the actual problems of enterprises and optimize the business environment.

After the meeting, entrepreneurs and relevant committees and bureaus set up a wechat group of “Kaiyuan enterprise circle of friends” on site. They said that the atmosphere of this activity is warm and relaxed, and the communication is efficient and smooth. They hope to build more such platforms and organize various activities to promote the complementarity of enterprise advantages, zero distance connection between government and enterprises, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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