Intelligent Production Helps the Development of Tungsten and Molybdenum New Material Industry

August 22 , 2023    view:192

On July 28th, in the standard factory building No. 5 of the Science and Technology Park in the vast East Zone of the High tech Zone, new intelligent production lines were installed and several staff members of Kangbote Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. were busy debugging the equipment. The deputy general manager of the company, Zhang Erzhao, said, “Our project is currently in the stage of equipment installation and debugging, and we will soon proceed with trial production

Kangbote Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in August 2022 with a 60% investment from Luoyang Kangbote Tungsten Molybdenum Materials Co., Ltd. It is a new material production enterprise specializing in molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, and tungsten molybdenum products. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of market share, Luoyang Kangbote Tungsten Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.’s product supply is in short supply, with an annual sales revenue of 700 million yuan. At the same time, it has a senior research and development team and nearly a hundred domestic and foreign sales teams. It immediately collaborated with upstream and downstream enterprises to establish Kangbote Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. as a production enterprise for new material products and successfully settled in the East Zone Science and Technology Park of the High tech Zone.

According to the design requirements, the total investment for the new materials project of Kangbote Yangquan New Materials Co., Ltd. is 500 to 600 million yuan, with the construction of 4000 tons of molybdenum powder and molybdenum products, 2000 tons of tungsten powder and tungsten products automated production line, a construction area of over 20000 square meters, and an estimated annual sales revenue of over 1 billion yuan. The products involve high-quality sapphire long crystal furnaces and hot isostatic pressing hot fields, medical equipment components, monocrystalline silicon furnace components, electronic semiconductor components, products used in the rare earth and glass industries, vessels used in the coating industry, forming and high-temperature processing materials, and high-temperature vacuum furnace equipment.

Introduction by Zhang Erzhao: With the increasing demand for high-quality and high-precision processed components and corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials, the tungsten molybdenum product industry will usher in greater market demand. Taking molybdenum as an example, molybdenum is a globally scarce strategic small metal variety. Due to its high melting point, high temperature resistance, high strength, low thermal expansion rate, high thermal conductivity and other characteristics, it is widely used in fields such as steel, aerospace, electronics industry, and is described as an ‘industrial tooth’ Teeth.

The standard factory building at No. 5, Science and Technology Park, East Zone, High tech Zone is the company’s 2000 ton molybdenum powder production workshop, covering an area of 7250 square meters. It is the first phase of the company’s new material project. In this workshop, uniformed staff are adjusting data on the LCD display screen of the assembly line, adjusting the transmission device, and inspecting the sealing performance of the equipment.

Zhang Erzhao said: The automation production equipment we are currently using is at the advanced level in the same industry in China, which can achieve automatic feeding and feeding, and the entire process is intelligent operation. After the technological transformation and upgrading of the new material production line, one person can operate four furnaces simultaneously, which has greatly improved work efficiency compared to the previous one person can only operate one furnace. In addition, during the technological transformation and upgrading, the company has produced many new achievements, and the next step is to apply for national specialized application Li, contribute to promoting the development of industry norms

After the first phase of the company’s new material project reaches mass production level, it will produce approximately 150 tons of products per month, with an estimated output value of 200 million yuan in 2023. Zhang Erzhao said, “After the expansion of the first and second phases of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of over 1 billion yuan and an annual tax revenue of 4 million yuan, which will drive more than 50 people to find employment

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