2023 Combat Annual Meeting Celebration

January 17 , 2023    view:144

2022 will be a year of rapid development for Combat. Under the wise leadership of General Manager Xu, all Combat employees have worked hard to overcome numerous difficulties and achieved gratifying achievements.

In the past year, the company leaders led all the staff, closely around the goals and working ideas made at the beginning of the year, to complete the sales target, optimize the product structure, improve production energy efficiency, to build Yatian, start Yangquan project preparation, strengthen standardized management, expand the talent team as the focus of work, dare to confront difficulties, have the courage to break, and actively respond to various challenges. Overfulfilled all business targets in 2022, pushing the speed and height of leapfrog development of the company to a new climax. This is inseparable from every employee here, everyone unity, hard work, to achieve the goal!

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